God’s Word Changes Lives: A Compelling Story Of Osazuwa’s Conversion

2 Corinthians 5:17 – “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

This is a compelling and amazing story of God’s awesomeness!

Six years ago, Wilson Omoregie (currently leading the church in Benin City, Nigeria) reached out to his long time Barber – Imade Emmanuel Osazuwa and invited him to church. Osazuwa, who bears same name with our Lord Jesus conversely was living in contrast to the dictates of Jesus. Osazuwa was a Christian by name but not by lifestyle. He moved from church to church every Sunday to worship but no one ever challenged him with the Word of God.

One day, after several follow up visits to his saloon, Osazuwa agreed to honour Wilson’s invitation and he attended the church service for the first time. At first, the atmosphere seemed different from what he was used to with other churches. The warm reception, how disciples hugged each other in sincerity and above all, the convicting nature of the preacher’s message. He struggled with desiring to be a part of such a happy group of people and at the same time continuing in his way of life. He continued visiting the church at intervals and in the course of time he began studying the bible. Mid-way of his studies, Osazuwa left the church, halted his studies and didn’t visit the church again for the next 4years.

But the Word of God is like a living seed sown by the sower (Matthew 13:2-8); everytime Wilson visited Osazuwa’s salon, He remembered his desire to return to the church.

One fateful day, Osazuwa called Wilson and asked, “are you people still meeting at that place?” To which Wilson disclosed the church had moved locations. Osazuwa asked for the new address and showed up to the next meeting!

Without wasting anymore time, he began his study of the bible again and this time with alot more enthusiasm. This was however short-lived as he was exposed and convicted of his sin. He had been cohabiting with a woman he wasn’t married to for over ten years. Together they had four children. In the course of his bible study, he was challenged to do the right thing by becoming properly married. He struggled with this but continued visiting the church even though no one was willing to continue his study.

One day, he said to Wilson, “I am ready to pay the dowry for my wife.” It was like a dream! When he told the woman he had been cohabiting with, she asked him “where is this Church that was able to convince you to pay my dowry?” In disbelief, she said “this God is powerful!”

With continuous encouragement and godly counselling, Osazuwa submitted to the power of the Word of God and on the 8th of May, 2021, he got married to the woman he had been living with for over ten years. Two weeks after this, specifically on Saturday 22nd May, he got baptized as he confessed that Jesus is Lord!

Ozasuwe, right, on the occasion of his baptism into the body of Christ

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