Women Devo: Finding Peace in a Chaotic World

It was a great day on Saturday April 25th as women of the ICOC West Bloc covering locations in Ojo Apapa, Oshodi Isolo and Surulere axis of Lagos state, Nigeria gathered to learn through a devotional at the feet of Jesus.

This was historical as the first Quarterly Women’s Virtual Devotional of the Bloc. The women’s leader of the Bloc, Biola Ojo was used by God to share a message titled Finding Peace in a Chaotic World in which she used a very familiar but convicting passage Matthew 6:25-34.

As women, we admitted to sometimes allowing the worries over our families, health, children, even the worries of other disciples to take over our hearts. Aside these, insecurity, pandemic, economic situation like joblessness and above 17% inflation have been identified as factors that can erode the peace that God gives.

We were inspired with 3points

  1. God is the source of peace
  2. God intends peace for us.
  3. God’s peace supersedes hard times.

Each point hit home with statements like “It’s not the circumstances but God’s presence” and “God will either calm the storm or calm us through the storm”

Women were called to take up the humble and gentle character of Jesus in hard times by turning to God for help, this is to prevent the worries about life, people, goals and object from dethroning God in our lives, but to enjoy the peace that comes from seeking God 1st and the promise of God to add other things including peace.

The devotional ended with prayers in different breakout rooms. We came out refreshed by God and with a resolve to work at being at peace through our hard times. We look forward to more times as this on a quarterly basis.

We are grateful for the women leaders, Biola Ojo, Ngozi Orumwense and Chinyere Ajadi for putting this together.

God bless you.

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