From the Barracks to the Kingdom of God: The Conversion Story of Ismail Sunday Ibrahim, A Soldier in the Nigerian Army.

Romans 1:6NIV: “And you also are among those Gentiles who are called to belong to Jesus Christ.”

The gospel is truly for everyone who believes irrespective of race, colour, tribe or religious background.

Ismail was first introduced to the Church in September of 2020 by a sister Blessing Iliya from the Yola Seed Fellowship who had met him many years ago. Blessing is currently based in Jos.

He is a Military Officer serving at NASME BARRACKS in Benue State. His father was also a retired Military Officer. He is from a Muslim background. Against all odds, Ismail was willing to study the Bible to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Being from a Muslim background, the study about the personality of Jesus as the Son of God was fascinating to him. He was moved by the power of the Cross of Jesus and the gift of Salvation through faith and obedience in Christ Jesus Lord in baptism.

In spite of the possible persecution his decision to follow Christ could bring, he was ready to take that leap of faith in Christ.

The Bible study was concluded by our brothers Tunde Omiwole and Habibu Adams and cost counting was done online by our dear brother, Mohammed Umar (Sgt.) from the Lagos Church.

Today, Ismail confessed that Jesus is Lord and got baptized into God’s Kingdom.

His plan is to make Christ known to as many as possible and to keep growing in his newly found faith.

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