An Amazing Story of Sibling Love in the Asaba Church

From Left: Ebuka, Chidera and Nneoma got baptized on Sunday 18 October 2020 in the Asaba Church.

In the Old Testament, when you think of siblings what comes to your mind is sibling rivalry! Sibling rivalry manifests in the form of trickery, lies and sometimes siblings treating each other horribly. Stories of Cain and Abel, Ishmael and Isaac, Esau and Jacob, even Leah and Rachel are all examples of rivalries that exist among siblings. However, the story of two brothers (in the Asaba church) Ebuka and Chidera Egbuchua who have lived happily for years and influenced each other for God, brings hope for sibling love in Christian homes.

Ebuka and Chidera Egbuchua are both university undergraduates and are 21 and 19 years old respectively. From childhood, Ebuka is the easy going type, always full of smiles, and ready to go on errand at any time. He is the kind of son every mum will wish for (even till date) and he loves his brother passionately. In contrast however, Chidera is an introvert and not that friendly although with exception to his brother Ebuka. Growing up they never fought and Ebuka was always protective of his brother. They both love each other dearly and whenever Ebuka does anything, Chidera will always want to do that thing because, he believes his brother cannot do anything wrongful. This mutual sibling love continues even as they grow to become adults.

When Ebuka started studying the Bible, everyone in the family and around the neighborhood noticed changes in him, “I noticed that most times when I drift, he summoned courage to speak out and tells me “mum, that is not good. God doesn’t like it!” their mother, Edith testified. This attitude continued and everyone was amazed at Ebuka’s boldness to speak up especially within the family. In all of these, Ebuka’s love for his brother- Chidera did not wane but continues to grow even as he lives in harmony with everyone.

Recently, seeing how much his brother has transformed, Chidera decided to follow his brother’s steps as he characteristically does, he declared his intention to also study the bible and get baptized!

Today, both Ebuka and Chidera are disciples of Jesus. Since then, their life has continued to inspire other young people in the church as they serve. “Each time I reflected, I saw both of them developing into young, hard working adults, their love for God and His service in God’s church is amazing and worthy of emulation.” The mother said. God in different capacities.

Also baptized on the same day with the brothers is our new sister Nneoma Oji, a student of the Federal Polytechnic, Oko in neighboring Anambra State who is also doing well and growing daily to love God.

It is indeed of Ebuka and his brother that Prov.17:17 is true, that “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity...”

The Campus Ministry Leaders specifically and the community of disciples at large in Asaba church, have in no small way continue to support in strengthening the bond of love that exists between the two brothers.


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