The Ikeja/Ketu and Ikorodu Region’s Women Leadership Retreat commenced four years ago. The goal of the retreat is to inspire the women in the regions to continually be conscious of the roles they have been called by God to carry out in the Kingdom. It is also geared towards calling each other towards being role models and encouraging each other to forge on in the faith.

Like previous years, this year’s retreat was a full package and it was entertaining, enlightening and above all inspiring and refreshing.


It started out with an opening prayer by Laura Adeleke of the Ikorodu region, followed closely by a worship session, led by our sister Helen Olaniyan of Ikeja/Ketu region.

Then came the opening speech by Bukola Da-Silva of the Ikorodu region.

Scriptural references: Mark 1:16-18, Mark 1:35, Hebrews 5:7 and John 15:4-7

Points to Ponder

Jesus’ dependence on God was a determining factor in successfully following in his Father‘s footsteps.

Jesus always carried issues to God. I should learn to carry my issues to God first.

Humble yourself daily and pray.

To carry out my responsibilities as a disciple and a leader, I must stay connected to Jesus.

Next on the agenda was a movie – THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS

The entire story, a classic must-watch from yesteryears, is an allegory of the Christian faith. From first believing, in spite of opposition, to staying faithful in loneliness and danger, to fellowshipping with other disciples and testing one another’s faith, Christian’s journey reflects every Christian’s journey through life.

DAY 2:

The day started with worship led by Karin Anolefo and Joy Agbadu with an opening prayer by Amadie Inyang. Lessons learned from the movie ‘The Pilgrim Progress’ were shared and the day continued with a devotional by our very own Stella Emeka titled IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF CHRIST Scriptural references:

1 John 2:6, John 13:1-17, John 6:60-64, Matthew 26:36-46, Mark 1:22, Mark 7:29, Mark 8:31-38

Points to ponder:

  • In the footsteps of Christ lies the path to godly leadership
  • Jesus modeled godly and great leadership –

The Path of Servanthood:

  • Servanthood is an attitude of the heart
  • What is that one thing stopping us from being servant-leaders?
  • Unbelievers and betrayers will always exist in our ministries. Like Jesus, we must serve them all the same

The Path of Compassion

– Like Jesus, we must be compassionate

The Path of Authority

– Authority ~ Respectability, credibility, character

She exhorted the women to cultivate these virtues to avert a lift of hypocrisy

She went on to highlight 4 kinds of leadership:

  1. Authoritarian – “Do it my way”
  1. Authoritative – In charge but works through relationships
  2. iii.  Permissive – “Anything goes” – mistakes cowardice for compassion
  1. Indifference – Uncaring, unconcerned

What kind of leader are you??

Once done. The women split into two groups, one comprising bible talk leaders (coordinated by Henrietta Emeh) and the other comprising family group, zonal and special ministry leaders (coordinated by Weyinmi Igbinoba).

In both groups, the following questions were asked:

  1. How would you say you’ve led the women in your care in 2019?
  • What challenges were faced?
  • How did/do you source for help?
  • What are your plans for yourself in 2020?
  • What are your plans for the women in your care in 2020?
  • How would you want to be helped?

And the following feedbacks were gleaned from both groups:

For challenges:

  • Traffic – Lack of discipling – Disunity – Unreceptive hearts – Irregular attendance to midweek – Lateness
  • Lack of evangelism

For solutions/plans:

  • Encourage punctuality – Periodic praying together – Group evangelism – Rotate bible talk venues to people’s homes – Have structured study for discipling times – Read through the bible in a year – Maximize available hands – Call everyone higher – Get prayer partners – Read books – Strive to lead someone to Christ
  • Change jobs – Balance work, family and ministry – Take relationship with God higher – Forgive hurts and move on – Have personal relationships with women in the same ministry – Revisit sleepovers/bonding times
  • Encourage entrepreneurship – Encourage regular attendance to midweek – Point the children toward a relationship with God – Get the elderlies involved in individual disciples’ lives – Pull out the reserved women and get them to mingle – Dynamic young Christians’ ministry

Right afterward, there were 2 split classes comprising the same groups, facilitated by the same coordinators.

Scriptural references used by Weyinmi Igbinoba were:

Ephesians 4:11-16, 2 Timothy 2:1-7, 1 Timothy 4:12B, 1 Corinthians 11:1.

The points highlighted:

– Leaders prepare/raise people for works of service


  • For the church to be built up, becoming like Christ
  • Raise up a united body of believers
  • Spread the gospel
  • Train and raise up more leaders

As a leader of other leaders, she asked the women, who are you raising up?

  • In training, being reliable/faithful is key. It is imperative to be reliable
  • Look out for reliable disciples, take a few and pour your heart into them
  • Train one who is eager to train others
  • Train with a purpose, look inwards
  • Train people to study the bible for themselves and others
  • Train on how to deal with both biblical and life issues
  • Seek someone with desire
  • Find courage in God’s word
  • Be an example. Live in such a way as to be able to call others to follow my example.
  • Be accountable
  • Reporting is part of the training. Who do I report to? Who reports to me?
  • Discipling is work – a willingness to work is key
  • We do not follow Jesus merely to get to heaven, but to learn all about His mission on earth and do likewise.

Scriptural references used by Henrietta Emeh were:

Nehemiah 2:11-20 & Exodus 18:1-27

A good bible talk leader:

  • Is authoritative – Listens – Is humble – Works as a team – Encourages – Loves God – Is sacrificial – Boasts in God – Appreciates God – Chooses capable and reliable women – Has a burning passion for the part she leads – Possesses/owns her bit – Acts like a shareholder – Feels the pulse of her people, knows them, prays for them – Asks their prayer points – Loves them unconditionally – Has a plan for the women for the year – Thinks outside the box.

The “spiritual” session ended with a review of the communique from the Women’s leadership retreat 2019 as coordinated by Lola Adenubi (for Ikorodu region) and Doreen Igein (for Ikeja/Ketu region). The highlights of which were:

  • The need to start saving toward 2021 retreat knowing it is an annual event
  • The need to include parenting workshops in the Young marrieds’ “curriculum”.

After this, there was a time of rest/refreshing/fellowship/dinner… and the climax of “boogying” till late into the night. Indeed, the women had a great time in God’s presence!


The day started with an opening prayer by our sister Amadie Inyang. Followed by a time of worship led by our sisters Joy Agbadu and Helen Olaniyan. Much later, Bunmi Adeleye sang a solo whilst communion was shared and Funke Ayeleso led the singing for benevolence offering.

The communion message was shared by our sister Jumoke Olayori.

Scriptural references: 1 Peter 2:21, 1 Corinthians 13:4, Jeremiah 33:3

Jumoke took us down memory lane, sharing about her life as a disciple. She pledged to quit being her “quiet self” and be totally sold out for God, calling everyone to do the same. She urged the women to keep walking in the footsteps of Christ no matter what situations they face.

Benevolence message was shared by our sister – Wunmi Adegbesan.

Scriptural reference John 17:11

She urged everyone to give generously and also imbibe the attitude of giving in our children

Then came the message by our Keynote speaker – Henrietta Emeh – IN HIS STEPS: A HISTORIC RIGHT IN THE KINGDOM

Scriptural references:

Nehemiah 2:19-20, Galatians 3:26-29, Galatians 4:1-7, Romans 8:12-17, John 4:1-42 & John 17:20-26

She posed rhetoric – What are you looking up to?

She reminded us that we are heirs of God’s kingdom, co-heirs with Christ.

Key points:

Personalize the Kingdom

She urged us to remember who we are in Christ.

Jesus was tired, but that did not stop Him from speaking to the woman at the well. Speaking about the kingdom must be a part of our DNA – every chance we get.


We must pray futuristically as Jesus did


She urged the women to reiterate the statement “I have a share, I have a claim, I have an inheritance in the Kingdom”

We must maximize every opportunity to talk about the kingdom.

Finally, the communique for the 2020 retreat was shared by Weyinmi Igbinoba.

A vote of thanks was given by the women ministry leader Stella Emeka, and thereafter accompanied by Sabina Oduaran, gifts were given to the keynote speaker Henrietta Emeh as well as other deserving sisters from Ikorodu region (Wunmi Adegbesan) and Ikeja/Ketu/Mowe region (Philo Maduako and Funmi Adesanya).

A closing prayer was then said by our sister Sabina Oduaran


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