You Can Download our 40 Days 2020 Devotional Power Series Here – Follow Me

Welcome to another decade! Welcome to 2020!

Encourage and challenge your faith as we embark on a spiritual journey this new decade and beyond with our 40-day devotional power series ‘Follow Him’

Our 2020 edition is calling us back to focus on the life and mission of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Enjoy the best selections of topics from this edition that embrace a wide variety of topics relevant to your life, including faith, prayer, God’s presence, the Call, Managing Temptation and many more.

As you diligently study this devotional power series, may the next 40 days of the New Year be focused on the life and mission of Jesus Christ and help in connecting us to God daily.

Every day. Every way.

Click below to download the devotional series

Have a Wonderful 2020!


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