Port Harcourt Church Launches 20th Anniversary Celebrations

The Port Harcourt church was officially established as a church in 1999 during the celebration of the ICOC 10th year anniversary of the parent church – ICOC Lagos. Prior to the mission planting, which was a huge success, the church operated as a fellowship of very young brothers and sisters numbering about 20 who were mainly Youth Coppers and students at the time for about two years from 1997 to 1999. The establishment of the church in Port Harcourt is a result of the passion of these brothers and sisters for God and the grace, guidance and direction of God to see the city captured for Christ to His glory.

The church, over the last 20 years have witnessed several baptisms and have spearheaded the birthing, planting and nurturing of three other churches namely: Yenagoa, Uyo and Owerri. God has blessed the church with leaders that have helped the church in diverse ways.

Having clocked 20 years, the church has decided to celebrate the presence of God in the city with events and activities that will help bring together many brothers and sisters that have passed through the church and now either in our other churches or have left our movement. As part of the activities to mark the event, the church also see the need to commence the official birthing of the Aba church that currently operates as a fellowship. The church interesting history, proposed anniversary activities and mission endeavor informed the theme of this year’s celebration which is: ‘Expanding Territories in Unity’.

On Sunday, 16 June 2019, the church launched the Twenty Year Anniversary (TWA) logo/ID to sensitize members and declare the TYA fund opened. The fund, which will be raised exclusively for the TYA, will be used to execute all the activities and events that God has laid on the heart of the sub-committees.

The TYA activities and events will be carried out between July 2019 through September 2019.

We ask that you join us and pray with us as we celebrate the to the glory of God.

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