Article: The Blessing of Family

It is genuinely great to be back home after a long time spent with my Ghanaian family and friends. Very excited to return home to a loving family. My first phone call was with my brother-in-law to wish him a happy birthday and also get to share the good news of baby Kimeng’s pending home-coming.

My first meal on arrival was at my In-laws while waiting for my wife. What an encouraging time we spent last night! It is indeed a blessing to have family and to enjoy the strength and encouragement they provide through their love and words of appreciation.

During my stay in Ghana, I enjoyed lots of fellowships and stayed with three different families. It is evident that God has designed the family to be a safe place where we can retire to and get re-energized to face life’s challenges. I was surrounded by some of the most giving children I have ever met and known and what a difference it makes.

When I am out of home for daily activities, every part of me longs to return home because of the atmosphere that reigns there. I do not take this for granted as I have known many who would stay in a bar with friends rather than go back home daily.  

As a single man, I remember the atmosphere we enjoyed in the brother’s flat where we shared a homely fellowship. We would find out from each other how the day went and provide a listening ear to those who needed encouragement after a stressful day.

What has your experience of family been lately? How can you daily nurture or foster such an encouraging setting of the blessing of the family?

Let’s show appreciation and not take this amazing gift for granted.
*Psalm 133:1-2, Proverbs. 17:17, Exodus 2:16-22, Joshua 24:15; Ephesians 6:1-4; Colossians. 3:13; Acts 10:1-2*

Gilbert Kimeng

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