Article: Mind Shift

I had a great conversation with a friend who came to church for the second time yesterday after his first attendance last Sunday. In his response to the message on Forgiveness, he melted and wrote down specific names of people he needs to humble himself and talk to. 

The next conversation was with a couple facing culture differences, and it profoundly affects their marriage. Sharing from the way my wife and I have been dealing with such differences turned out to be helpful. Other cultural challenges involve people’s mindset when it comes to adoption.

We’ve been openly sharing about our efforts to adopt a baby boy. In some cultures, like in Ghana, it still seems to be a taboo subject. As Christians with a renewed mind, this constitutes a fantastic opportunity to get to be on God’s end as we get to experience God’s emotions when He adopted us into His family, especially as Gentiles.

My wife shared her experience with me, the joy of preparing a room for the awaited baby Kimeng who will soon be home after a few procedures are sorted out. John 14 has been coming alive to her as she prepares – our heavenly Father has also been making a home for us.

What parts of your mind do you need to make a complete shift to align with God’s will and ideal?
*Romans 11:11-24; 12:2; Ephesians 1:3-6; John 14:1-4;*

Gilbert Kimeng

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