Married: The Abuja Marrieds Get-Away Retreat 2018

Married: The Abuja Marrieds Get-Away Retreat 2018

It was a weekend of pure bliss for the Marrieds Ministry in the Abuja church from November 16-18, 2018 as they enjoyed a get-away weekend of fun, bonding, and inspiring classes geared towards deeper commitments for all the couples in the church.

The theme of the retreat was “Get Away” with the aim of investing in the bedrock of the marrieds ministry: our marriage and union with Christ.

Anchored by the ministry coordinators, George, and Florence Oputa, the retreat featured live changing biblical teachings, engaging worship, incredible fellowship, and other bonding activities.

Highlights also include classes on ‘Staying Firm Through Thick & Thin’ by an amazing exemplary couple, George Oguntola & his amiable wife, Margaret.


This couple met for the first time in 1970 on a ship from England to Nigeria after graduating from School. George studied Electrical/Mechanical Engineering while his wife graduated as a Laboratory Technologist. The trip took them 1 month on the sea sailing to Nigeria. They got married in 1971 (47 years ago) and are blessed with 4 children and 9 grandchildren.
It was indeed a retreat to learn from the experiences of the oldest couple at the retreat as they both conducted separate classes aimed at meeting specific needs. The men’s exclusive session was titled ‘Spiritual Leadership In Marriage’ while the women’s class was titled ‘Let’s Talk About The Journey So Far’
Special private counseling sessions were also held for couples with special specific needs.
At the Sunday Worship service, we were honored to listen from our Guest Speaker who serves as an elder and evangelist, Tok Sowoolu from the London church of Christ.


Through God’s grace, each couple walked away with a renewed strength and a deeper commitment to each other and God and we pray that in His infinite mercies, he continues to radiate our marriages to the glory of His Holy Name!


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