Article: New Beginnings

Article: New Beginnings

God knows how crucial it is that we are given new beginnings in life. The dawning of everyday is a new beginning, an opportunity to right the wrongs of yesterday; a chance to face challenges with a renewed hope.

Every birthday marks a personal new beginning. Every new week, month or year marks a time to start anew. People take stock at the end of each year and re-calibrate for a new year on the horizon.

Every new leadership comes with a fresh vision, new excitement and another perspective or approach. I can see that playing out in the Accra church and the Ghanaian churches by extension.

Every new stage in life also affords the opportunity to start afresh. Every time I have transited from one phase in life to another, I have had a new outlook on life. Each time I have moved from one place to another, from one job to another, from one role to another, life has started anew.

It could be that any new change we are facing in life is merely God’s way of blessing us with yet another new beginning, helping us to break out from status quo!

No matter how old a tree is, it never stops producing fresh leaves.

Will you take each new day and circumstance as a fresh start and a chance to do things better?

Let’s embrace this week’s challenges with a renewed sense of excitement.

Lamentations. 3:22-23; Isaiah. 43:18-19; Psalms. 40:3; Jeremiah.31:31; John 13:34-35; 2 Corinthians. 5:17

Gilbert Kimeng

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