Article: The Joseph Analogy

Article: The Joseph Analogy

One of yesterday’s classes at the singles conference focused on learning from the story of Joseph. The original speaker couldn’t make it to the retreat because he lost his brother a day before leaving Abidjan for the conference and hence gave his message to another brother to teach on his behalf.

Serving as a translator for the message and even as a married man, I benefited from the class meant for singles. The introduction painted the picture of what it means to spend so many years as a single in the church, in society and with family. The social and cultural pressures that mounts with the passage of time and many other challenges faced by singles of a certain age.

I could pretty much relate, having spent about twenty years as a disciple before getting married. The analogy with the story of Joseph was brilliant and very inspiring. Joseph’s life was divided into two very different stages. The first stage involved being sold out into slavery by his brothers, falsely accused, landing in prison, and even being forgotten as a prisoner. For many years, Joseph seemed to fail in everything he undertook. His brothers probably appeared to be making progress in life during that period, they got married, had children of their own etc.

In one day, Joseph would leave prison and ascend to the throne of Egypt as the second in command. His brothers would come kneeling and begging him for provision and protection. The question was asked: Who was now late in life? Joseph or his brothers?

We could all remember the names of Joseph’s two sons but struggled to remember the names of any of Joseph’s brother’s children. What a turn of events!!!

What an encouraging analogy! The Bible indeed contains a word of encouragement for each stage of our lives.

Yours might be at a different stage in life. Some are married and looking for children. Some have a child or two but are looking for another child. Some want a bigger house, more money to take care of school fees etc. At each stage in life, God indeed has to be enough.

*Hebrews 11:6; Phil 4:11-13*

Gilbert Kimeng

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