Article” Lost in His Sufficiency

Article” Lost in His Sufficiency

If I had to summarise the feeling or state of mind the Accra International Singles Retreat left participants with, I would say we are returning to our different destinations (the 9 countries represented) deeply immersed and lost in God’s sufficiency.

The retreat started with a question mark: “Is God Enough?” on Friday. All the lessons that were taught, the conversations, the discipling groups, the fellowship times dwelt on that existential question. The level of vulnerability in all of these sessions was almost unmatched as singles as well as the few marrieds who joined bared their hearts to each other in God’s presence.

We had found solace and strength in the fact that even the heroes of faith in ancient times had also asked that same question in the face of life’s challenges, mostly through their attitudes and actions.

Yesterday’s service was indeed a mountaintop experience through the worship experience, the beauty of the venue, the gathering of nations (including the rest of the Accra Church), and the unique focus on God’s greatness, wisdom, holiness and love through the concluding message. Every soul in attendance responded in unison with this: “God is more than enough!”

I couldn’t help but still go through the notes of that message this morning, and it has left my heart deeply satisfied. If God’s majesty, His display of skill and splendor, His transcendent glory and deep love cannot satisfy me, who or what else will?

May this new week be characterized by a heart that finds peace and deep satisfaction in God alone

*Psalm 73:25-28; Gen 15:1; Isaiah 40:12 ff; Psalm 104; Isaiah 6:3; Psalm 130:4*

Gilbert Kimeng


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