Article: Having a Personal Cause!

Article: Having a Personal Cause!

We arrived Ghana safely yesterday, and it has been amazing to see disciples pouring in from different countries in West Africa and even all the way from the East African Coast – Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.  What a testimony to the beautiful family we are part of! No cultural, national or language barriers.

One of the highlights of my day was a bus ride from Marina Mall in Accra to the retreat venue outside of the city. I sat next to a brother from Addis Ababa, representing the East African brothers. By the time we got to the retreat venue, a new friendship was born because we shared from the heart about life stories – our conversions, life experiences, professional background, family experiences, aspirations etc.

On his way to Ghana for this singles conference, he stopped over in Kenya to climb a mountain with another brother who is older but extremely fit. He shared from that experience and the time spent in fellowship during the two days they spent climbing and descending the mountain.

One thing stuck with him; the fact that the Kenyan brother has a cause to sensitize men about their role and the need for men to rise up to their duties and responsibilities. He does radio talks and other activities to promote this cause. Surely, I can’t wait to get connected to this Kenyan brother. A man with a reason, with a clear purpose in life.

We further discussed the fact that our sisters and women are waiting for us men to identify and pursue our God-given purposes. The women will then have a God-given role of supporting the men fulfill their God-given mission thereby also finding meaning and security in their own lives. Otherwise, the women go off to do their own thing, and the results will be a lot of disharmony in society, starting from the household.

If I spent an hour or even a day with you, would I be able to tell what your cause is in life clearly? What would that be?

At the end of yesterday’s conversation, it was clear that we both desire to leave a meaningful spiritual legacy behind.

*Acts 13:36; Acts 20:24; John 4:34*

Gilbert Kimeng

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