Article: The Power of Writing

Article: The Power of Writing

My wife has nicknamed me “Mr Write”. I have formed the habit of taking notes for almost anything. From my school days till date, when I take notes, it feels like I am engraving whatever I am writing into my memory, the very tablet of my heart.

Some people have what they call a visual memory – there seems to be a connection between what I see and my brain. There’s also memory by association. Most of the Bible verses I have either memorized or whose references I’ve mastered are  associated to a particular experience .

Psalm 31:15 for example stuck to my memory when as a young disciple, a sister and good friend mentioned it on an encouragement card, at a time when I needed to be reassured that MY TIMES ARE TRULY IN GOD’S HANDS.

Exodus 15:11 was also written on another encouragement card by the brother and medical doctor who reached out and studied the Bible with me. Who is truly like the LORD? Majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders.

There are many of such examples, Scriptures and great thoughts that have been engraved in to my memory because they were written down either by me or someone else.

That habit of writing has now given birth to daily journals. It is quite humbling to see the feedback I have been getting from some of the frequent readers. There are days when I am tempted not to write either because of exhaustion or a tight schedule.

But it turns out that I am the first beneficiary of the exercise. Writing has a way of clarifying my thought process and brings about focus. It also brings relief and healing to articulate one’s thoughts and emotions.

Some have lost this great therapeutic and educative habit. I have had to learn not to care whether my writing  style is impressive or not. Just get the ideas on paper, and the magic happens.

I encourage you to restore this great habit if you have lost it. A habit that has brought us the library of the Bible. For those who are consistent, please keep at it. Others may be encouraged in the process.

Are you still in the habit of writing quiet times, taking notes in church, in meetings, workshops?

*Exodus 17:14;* *Deuteronomy 17:18-20;* *2 Timothy 4:13;* *Revelations 1:3;* *2 Corinthians 3:1-3*

Gilbert Kimeng


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