Article: The Role of Men

Article: The Role of Men

Having been invited to speak at a Men’s Forum today, I have spent the past few weeks pondering over the role of men in the church, in the family, in society, in the corporate world and in leadership ultimately.

Having experienced highs and lows in my role as a leader, it is sobering to say that the world is where it is today because of the successes and failures of men in their role as leaders.

Many factors can contribute to empower or equip men for this role – talent, bravery, sincere love etc. But I believe one of the greatest is moral authority – the trustworthiness to make decisions that are right and good.

As a man, my confidence rises and falls with moral authority. It helps me to approach God with a good conscience, earn my wife’s respect and even self-respect. It gives depth and assurance to my personal walk.

A lot of gifted men have lost their effectiveness and leadership abilities because of a lack of moral authority. But with God, there is hope to be restored to the sense of honour and dignity that it brings.

But it will take a profound love for the truth. Observe the lives of men in moral and spiritual decline , and you will see a pattern of fighting against the truth. Study the lives of men who grow stronger, and you will see men who continually and at crucial moments and junctures of their lives embrace the truth more profoundly.

As men, we must fight with everything we have to restore moral authority in our relationship with God, with ourselves and with others.

Where do you stand my brother? How can you help my sister?

*1 Cor. 11:1* *Prov. 28:1; 1 Tim. 1:5*

Gilbert Kimeng

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