Article: Leadership – What It Takes – Part 3

Article: Leadership – What It Takes – Part 3

As I reflect on leadership, a lot is currently happening on the world scene. After the meeting of world leaders in Paris this past week, to commemorate a century of the end of world war one, British leaders are now meeting to conclude their Brexit deal with Europe.

Yesterday, I watched a few scenes of their deliberations on the terms of their exit from the European Union, with Theresa May on the hot seat. The exercise reminded me of one of the critical roles of any leader: decision-making.

Whereas world leaders often rely on their nation’s laws or constitution, spiritual leaders are guided by the tenets of God’s Word. These often represent two contrasting value systems, hence the difference between worldly and spiritual leadership.

Some decisions are a matter of right or wrong while others address priorities. The latter often figure on a spectrum that runs from worst, good, better and best decisions. Sometimes it involves choosing the best among a number of difficult options.

 “I casted lots” a few days ago for the very first time as we faced a rather difficult decision. Our team had started by applying reason to part of an important decision-making process, but resorted to prayer and the casting of lots to make a final decision.

Exerting influence is another aspect of leadership. This is one of my favourite views on leadership: it can be defined as the art of influencing others; instead of being simply positional. As a result,  everyone is called to lead by influencing others positively.

How good are you in decision-making and what’s your current sphere of influence?

*Prov 3:5-6; Prov 11:14; Prov 16:33; 1 Tim. 4:12*

Gilbert Kimeng

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