Article: God Bless His Daughters!

Article: God Bless His Daughters!

Yesterday was indeed another very memorable day, especially for our sisters on the Island Region of the Lagos Church. I was privileged to be a close observer and supporter of their creative outreach initiative entitled “Bible over Breakfast” geared at sharing the Word of God with other women.

Many impressions stuck with me this time – this is probably the third or fourth time my wife is hosting the program. Women’s creativity and ability to work as a team to achieve a noble objective stands out. Everything about yesterday’s edition was coloured with simplicity and deep creativity.

The occasion also afforded me the possibility of experiencing a bit of the support I consistently get from my wife and other women in the work of ministry. I am reminded of the constant support Jesus received from the women of His time. Women indeed do wear many hats as sisters, friends, wives, mothers, role models, mentors, leaders, etc.

Their vulnerability is a quality men can really learn from. I wonder what it is about women in general;  their “make-up” seems to create a great atmosphere where they can just be themselves. My wife was very impressed by the open-hearted discussions within the group she was privileged to host and coordinate.

Someone described women as the roses among the thorns. I want to grow in my appreciation of the enormous blessing of our women. God indeed bless His daughters!

*Luke 8:1-3; Luke 7:37 ff; Acts 1:14.*

Gilbert Kimeng

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