Article: Re-Thinking Our Secular Jobs – Part Three

Article: Re-Thinking Our Secular Jobs – Part Three

_*Ministry Vs Administration*_

In the past several years, I have been quite involved in managing meetings in the office space. My former boss surprised me once with the following statement: “Gilbert, you have demonstrated certain abilities, and hence you will become a victim of those strengths. From today onward, you will manage our weekly management meetings.”

Interestingly, that ability was developed during years of leading different groups in the church – starting from the smallest converting units or Bible Talks to sectors, specialized ministries etc. This is a typical example of a transferable skill, this time from the Christian to the corporate setting.

Ironically, as good as I could be in managing meetings in the office setting, I realized my preference to invest time in one-on-one studies, spend time with a brother or couple , than sit in yet another long church meeting. I saw the need to distinguish between administering and ministering – which is rendering a service. These are clearly two gifts that need to co-exist side by side.

I wonder if we might benefit from spending less time administering and more time in direct contact with people’s needs. I am on a search for the right balance. I wonder how Jesus and the apostles found theirs.

Can you relate?

*Acts 6:1-7; Romans 12:6-8; Exodus 18:13-26*

By Gilbert Kimeng

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