Article: Re-Thinking Our Secular Jobs – Part Two

If there is a need for a re-think in the way we view our secular jobs, there’s equally a need to re-think our lives as disciples of Jesus. There’s a tendency that whenever we see a disciple who seems to be very committed, we think they are in the “full-time” ministry.

This clergy/laity mentality has taken root in much of our church parlance and practice. It creates two classes of Christians – we even use terms like “lay leaders” to establish that boundary further and probably for lack of a better word/phrase.

That might well explain why we end up with a church of few players and many spectators.

When I was called into what we term as the “full-time” ministry, I found it surprising that I was going to be compensated to do what I loved doing anyway – express gratitude to God through a quest to know Him better and make Him known through service to men.

Over a decade later, I was on the search for that heart – I had lost it. What started out as a passion had become a job. I remember admiring some of the disciples I was leading – they had secular jobs but still excelled in their service to God. I thought to myself, I will like to be like them. That partly contributed to my resignation from “full-time ministry” and led to me taking up a secular job while continuing to serve with a full-time heart.

Paul, the greatest of apostles, was a tent-maker just like Priscilla and Aquila. They served voluntarily while Peter and the others received regular compensation for their service. Both had the same heart with salary being the only difference.

Do you believe in a part – time discipleship? Are you a part-time or even no-time disciple? Where do you stand?

*Mark 1:16-18; Luke 9:57-62; Luke 14:33*


Gilbert Kimeng

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