Article: The Blessings of Self-Denial

Article: The Blessings of Self-Denial

My Hebrew language checkup exam this past Saturday took quite some preparation and focus. In the build-up towards that, I had other commitments including preparing a class for Sunday as part of a 5 Part series.

As much as I work hard to avoid this practice, I found myself still working on the message on Sunday morning.  Exhaustion reared its ugly head in the process and I really wished I could catch my breath at that moment.

Fast forward a few hours into the day, I am speaking to the kids’ kingdom coordinators and later to the rest of the Congregation (East Sector, Island region; ICOC Lagos).

The feedback from both services made me completely forget the price I had to pay that morning. The message met very specific needs. It took self denial to prepare the class and prayer to deliver its content.

Countless times have I come close to giving up on doing what I needed to do as a disciple , a friend, a brother,  a leader, a son, a husband but  thankfully decided to deny myself – the results have often been deeply fulfilling.

One of those situations involved denying myself to speak the truth in love to my late father. He had accepted to study the Bible with me. As daring and “risky” as it appeared, doing it led to a deep change of heart and his baptism 2 months before he went to be with the Lord.

May we seize those moments throughout this new week to see beyond our tiredness and personal comfort. Someone’s life might just depend on our decision to die to self.

*John 12:24; Luke 9:23-26; 1 Corinthians 9:23*

Gilbert Kimeng


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