Article: Mentoring/Discipling Relationships Re- Envisioned – Part Two

Article: Mentoring/Discipling Relationships Re- Envisioned – Part Two

It has been widely acknowledged that our culture of discipling or mentoring has waned or completely broken down.

One of the most significant challenges with the biblical concept of discipling stems from the abuse of spiritual authority. Many disciplers or mentors have a tough time distinguishing advice from orders or commands. Our spiritual immaturity and human nature has probably been at play here. This leads to the need for continuous training of the trainers.

When I developed the vital relationships that have now formed my circle of spiritual friends, I did it to cope with the situation I found myself in. But in the process, I started seeing the difference between having time to weigh a piece of advice through prayer, reflection, getting a second opinion and merely taking to the input in other not to come across as a “rebel’.  

One of the challenges is when what is termed a piece of advice actually is a hidden command. That is where maturity is required on the part of the advisor. The same is required of the person seeking for advice. 

Could it be that by re-envisioning and embracing this biblical concept, we now stand a better chance of striking the right balance, leaving room for God as discipling focuses on Christ and not on people?

*Col 1:28-29; Gal 4:18-19; Matt 28:19*

Gilbert Kimeng


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