Article: Impact of Great Spiritual Books – Part 3

Article: Impact of Great Spiritual Books – Part 3

It has been amazing to learn from others who have shared some of the great spiritual books that have helped shape their thinking and spiritual compass. My list of books to read has increased over the last two days.

“Mighty Man of God” by Sam Laing is another classic. I probably read this particular book at a defining moment. It challenged and stretched my mental picture of what it takes to be a godly man. I have revisited it many times in my quest to restore spirituality, humility, physical fitness, a sense of excellence and honor, etc.

“A Man in All Seasons” edited by Tom Jones had a similar impact on me. Written by different heroes in the faith, I remember the deep convictions each chapter of Vol. 1 imparted on me as a man, from a godly perspective.

“Failing Forward” by John Maxwell, though not directly a spiritual book, gave me the right attitude towards setbacks and what is often qualified as failure. It was for me a practical illustration of Proverbs 24:16.

“Life-Changing Worship” by David Eastman along with “Worship The King” by Henry Kriete are two classics on worship. They both enriched my vision and experience of encountering God through personal and corporate devotion.

“GOOD to GREAT in God’s Eyes” by Chip Ingram highlights practices great Christians have in common. They think great thoughts, read great books, pursue great people, dream great dreams, pray great prayers, take great risks, make great sacrifices, enjoy great moments, empower great people and develop great habits.

Aren’t these all true? Maybe it is time to grab and devour the next great book.

Great books help broaden our worlds, sharpen our minds, inflame our hearts, develop our skills and heal our souls.

What current regular activity like watching the evening TV show or surfing the Internet for an hour every day, can give way to a regular reading habit?

Let’s take action!
(Nehemiah. 8:8-9;9:3; Deuteronomy. 6:6-9; 17:18; Joshua. 8:34-35; 2 Peter. 3:15-16)

Gilbert Kimeng


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