Articles: Impact of Great Spiritual Books – Part 2

I have right in front of me another dozen books that have left an indelible imprint on my soul and my spiritual pilgrimage.

“The Complete Works of E.M. Bounds on Prayer” is actually a compilation of eight of his books published between 1912 and 1929. The original titles of these eight books include “Power Through Prayer” (1912), “Purpose in Prayer” (1920), “Prayer and Praying Men” (1921), “Possibilities of Prayer”( 1923), “The Reality of Prayer”(1924), “The Essentials of Prayer” (1925), and “The Weapon of Prayer” (1929).

This collection helped forge in me a deep reliance on God through prayer. “Jesus the Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever” by Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) deepened my admiration and love for the person of Jesus during a season in my walk when discipleship began to simply feel like a dry obligation to commitment rather than to a person. I still vividly remember one of my favorite chapters on “the Poise of Jesus” – just how balanced a person He was.

“The Joy of Fearing God” by Jerry Bridges transformed my perspective of God in ways that have defined the way I relate to Him today. The Fear of the Lord is indeed a life-giving fountain. “The Promises of God” a collection of Devotional Readings on the
Faithfulness of God, edited by Thomas and Sheila Jones, deepened my belief and trust in God’s promises like no other.  These Promises cover aspects like the Provision of God, the Deliverance of God, the Comfort of God, the Rewards of God and how we should respond to these great promises.

“Friends and Lovers” is a classic by Sam and Geri Laing, one that permanently defined my vision of marriage as God designed it to be. This helped me remain faithful as a single for 20 years while I waited on God’s time and choice – determined to do it His way and not my way or the world’s.

Aren’t we all the better for it? God bless these great men and women.
(Ephesians 6:10-20; Hebrews 13:8; Proverbs 14:27; Romans 4:20-21; Genesis 2:24)

Gilbert Kimeng


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