Article: Time Away (Mark 1:35)

Yesterday’s experience as we drove from Lagos to Ekiti State can genuinely be described as “Time Away.”

Despite our attempt to leave early and beat the Lagos traffic, we ended up spending close to 2 hours within the “concrete jungle” before reaching the Ibadan expressway.

One thing stood out: the further we went, the less noisy it became – especially after we drove past Ibadan – another experience in noise pollution. The atmosphere suddenly changed at some point. The air was clean, and we could hear nature’s inviting call.

Our GPS took us on a long, challenging road, which some of the others who arrived a day before described as “the village” road. Apart from the many patches of pot-holes on certain portions of the way, we indeed had a unique and memorable experience. We were reminded of the simple life, admired some of the roads that looked like a Guard of honor, with trees growing from both sides of the way and almost creating an overhead canopy as we drove between them.

On arriving the Ikogosi resort two hours later than planned and completely exhausted, we quickly realized the trip was totally worth it. The sheer quietness and beauty of the surrounding hills, the rush of water, the sound or chorus of insects – especially in the evening, the dew on our cars, and the playful fellowship that developed in the well-located resort etc.

A brother said, “this is how life on earth is supposed to be.” That’s the feeling you get when you prioritize “Time Away.”

That’s what the eagle does when it’s time for renewal (Psalm 103:1-5). It flies and hides away among the distant mountain ranges, removes its feathers and waits for new ones to grow. Imagine its flight when nature blesses the eagle with new wings (Isaiah 40:28-31).

Are you due for some time away from city life? Maybe its time to learn from the Eagle.

Why not grab your calendar and schedule that much needed “Get Away.”

Gilbert Kimeng

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