Article: The Power of Community (Teamwork)

I drove back to Lagos yesterday in great company with a mission to drop off a brother at the International Airport in Lagos who had to catch his flight back to Abidjan – he came to the International Campus Leadership Conference sick and returned well and strengthened. It was also a much smoother and faster ride back.


As I reflect on the 3 days spent in Ikogosi, I see the power of community in action. The team of conference organizers was just incredible. I have seen them grow individually and as a group.  I have seen every edition get better for the past 6 years. They are great as a team.


During the “Iron-Man Challenge” on Friday, over a hundred participants were able to complete the Challenge (walk for at least 11 km, climb a steep forest path to level 7, descend and cover another 11 km of walking back. I still have the vivid memory of a young sister who was crying during the challenge but kept going because of the encouragement of her fellow participants. Nobody could make it on their own. It took the support of others to overcome some of the most challenging stages of the exercise. A brother’s pep talk gave me the courage to participate and made it to the end.


I also saw teams disqualified during the dancing competition because they couldn’t function as a group.


I think of the impact friends have had on my walk. Times when I stopped believing in myself, gave in to discouragement and even gave up on God’s dream. It took a friend or two looking at me through God’s eyes and urging me on. This was especially true when I resigned from the full-time ministry. I wouldn’t be here without the positive impact of many – the power of community.


Could it be that God’s plan can only be fulfilled in our lives with the help of community?  Make sure you are an active part of His community. (Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10; Proverbs 13:20).


Gilbert Kimeng

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