Article: Reflections on the Impact of Teaching – Gilbert Kimeng

Article: Reflections on the Impact of Teaching – Gilbert Kimeng

The world celebrated the world Teacher’s Day yesterday and this day often reminds me of the impact teachers have had and continue to have on me and society. The fact I am also a teacher today (a Bible teacher) speaks volumes about their impact on me.

A Nobel Prize winner in economics spoke from his experience by saying, “if you want to learn something, go teach it.” Teaching in university wasn’t his initial dream, but circumstances led him to it and ended up contributing to his recognition as an expert in that discipline to the point of winning a Nobel Prize.

It appears to me then that “the best teachers are those who remain the best students”– another quotation from a female mentor of mine. Another mentor says “if you want to teach, then put in the work.” I see those words of wisdom playing out these days like never before. It does require work. Learning Biblical Hebrew at the moment involves me putting in many hours of work – but how rewarding!

The first beneficiaries of learning and sharing the knowledge found should be the teachers themselves. In a society where teachers get underpaid, undervalued, they are usually behind the making of every other profession; this should serve as a great source of motivation.

Having spent a good part of my youthful years in full-time ministry work, I am realizing today that every time I counseled somebody, I was speaking to myself. Each time I studied the Bible with a non-Christian friend, I was reminding myself of where God expects me to be, each time I prepared people for marriage, I was making my future union, each time I presided over a funeral, I was gaining a heart of wisdom, etc.

May this motivation keep me going!!! (Ezra 7:10).

Teachers in all walks of life, be encouraged!!!


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