Article: Learning from Great Cooks By Gilbert Kimeng

Article: Learning from Great Cooks By Gilbert Kimeng

Over the years of our sweet union, I have often marveled at the way my wife operates. She is among other things, an excellent cook. She prepares kingly meals, and those who sit at her table are delighted when she serves them. What a lucky man! That’s my story.

What I noticed with her is the way she starts cooking in her mind, for example during our drive time home. That sometimes leads to her asking me to drive off the major axis to get some ingredients to complete her recipe. Even when she stays back and I am out there, I often expect to get a call from her asking me to stop by at Ebano or one of the shops to pick a missing ingredient or two – that’s because she has been preparing that meal in her mind.

It dawned on me at some point that preparing lessons to share with God’s people and with our friends at Bible Talks, in Church, at conferences, etc, is pretty similar to the art of good cooking. For me, the ideas of what to speak about often come during a great personal study, reading a great book, at times even while jogging and reflecting over life, while driving, in a deep conversation with a friend, etc.

Those initial ideas start brewing or cooking in my thoughts, in my prayers, and before we know, it crystallizes into a full-blown lesson.

There is hope for all of us. Few do excel in both –physical and spiritual cooking!

Let’s put in the time to prepare lessons. (Hebrews 5:11-14).


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