The West Africa Missions Management and General Assembly Meeting – Ibadan 2018

Well over 80 WAM delegates from all the six countries in English Speaking West Africa were in attendance


The West Africa Missions (WAM) held its 2018 Management and General Assembly in Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria, from 12th-16th August.


WAM now have a total of 28 Churches spread across six countries, namely- Ghana, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Liberia, Guinea Bissau and Nigeria.


Well over 80 WAM delegates from all the six countries were in attendance


Also in attendance were three special guests from our partner churches in the USA: Douglas Wens from the Greater Houston Church, Damon Curtis from Greater Houston Church and Paul Ramsey the Executive Director of African Missions Association.



Omoruyi Iyamu, who has been the Chairman of WAM Executive and General Assembly completed a 5 years tenure.

The name ‘WAM General Assembly’ was changed to ‘WAM Council’.

Proposals from four Standing Committees and one Adhoc Committee were presented to the WAM Council for consideration and adoption.

The Committees are:

(1) WAM Structure and Review (Adhoc)

(2) Church Health and Growth

(3) Finance and Funding

(4) Communication and Administration

(5) Strategic Mission and Planning


The five proposals were approved and adopted through voting

The eight Blocs of WAM (5 in Nigeria and 3 outside Nigeria) also presented their update bloc reports to the WAM Council.


A new structure/leadership was approved for WAM by the Council after deliberations and voting.


The highest decision making organ of WAM is the WAM Council.


The WAM Council meetings and conferences will be headed by a Coordinator.

Emmanuel Kissi-Boateng, of the Accra Church, was duly elected as the WAM Council Coordinator.


His tenure is for four years with an additional two years renewable option.


Three operating organs were also approved for WAM after deliberations and voting which are:

WAM Leadership Group made up of 16 voting members to be headed by Chris Ogbonnaya, as the Regional Chairman.


Tenure is for 4 years, with an additional 2 years renewable option

(2) WAM Management board made up of 10 voting members to be headed by Imagbe Igbinoba as the Director. Tenure is for 4 years, with an additional 2 years renewable option.


(3) WAM Executive made up of selected members from the Leadership Group and Management Board which will be led by the Regional Chairman Chris Ogbonnaya.


Several inspirational devotionals and messages on unity, Humility, and Meekness amongst others were presented at the meeting supported by prayers in groups.


Finally, it was agreed by the Council that the Lagos Church will host the 2019 edition of WAM Council and Leadership conference.


This hosting will form part of the celebration to mark the 30th Anniversary of the Lagos Church in 2019.



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