Baptism: Akinbayo Adefolu’s Conversion Story in Lagos

Baptism: Akinbayo Adefolu’s Conversion Story in Lagos

Bode Adefolu Baptizes his son, Akinbayo in Ikeja, Lagos

Akinbayo Daniel Adefolu made Jesus the Lord and Master of his life on Wednesday 17 January 2018 at about 8:45 pm at the Ikeja-Ketu region in Lagos.

This to my wife and I was a big victory and answered prayer as well as the joy of parenting.

Few months back, precisely 1 November,2017, Bayo clock 18 years and in our country it’s known as the liberty age when you have right to vote, get drivers licence and even live out of home without any pressure from parents. And so it was for Bayo that we thought the first thing was to go for the driving test to acquire drivers licence like we did for his senior brother Bolaji since living out of home was not new to them as students on the University of Lagos campus, but to our shock, he had decided to move out of his brothers apartment and moved in with some of friends to learn cryptocurrency from them.

For weeks, it was frustrating for us as parents as Akinbayo refused to come home even while the school was on vacation. This gave my wife and I sleepless nights as daily worrying about his whereabouts became a norm for us. Maybe I should let you know here that Bayo being our second son is very daring, bold and courageous in the face of any situation, but we were worried of the kind of life he be living with these friends we don’t know.

Sometimes during our disciplining time with a matured couple, we deeply expressed our concerns and worries about our son’s life on campus and was advised to put a stop to worry and high-handedness and allow them grow maturely as long as we have shown them godly parenting. This eventually formed the basis of our new reactions to their actions as we will only give our counsel and also give them their space but this I must say was not easy as we will still call them up to find out if they met with the campus ministry during the weekends.

Bode and Bunmi Adefolu with their son, Akinbayo

To the glory of the Lord, my wife and I also decided to fast and pray for them as we totally depended on God for a way out. On one of my visits to the campus to visit him, I got to meet Akinbayo with his friends in their flat. It was really surprising for them but I sat down with them, sharing my life’s story and encouraged them to be productive with their teenage life. They don’t have to be influenced by the world but by God. After the chat with his friends, I pulled Akinbayo aside and showed him two scriptures that spoke about the consequences of secret sins and effect of sin on ones future. He later went back to his friends after we prayed together that day.

Incredibly, two days after, he moved back home and asked me if he can start studying the bible and since I was involved with a friends study at the time, I obliged him and we did the Word and Discipleship studies. My wife and I were amazed by the sudden changes in his life and  to God’s glory, Akinbayo was baptised just after our Midweek service on Wednesday 17th January 2018.

In all, we give God the glory for great things He had done in our family through our second son, establishing generational blessing for our family. We pray for all parents to continue to show godly examples to their children, pray for them and be their friends and ultimately, God’s name will forever be glorified!



Bode Adefolu


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