The Marriage Counseling Training Program – Accra, Ghana

The Marriage Counseling Training Program – Accra, Ghana
The West Africa churches was richly blessed this November in Accra, Ghana by the inspiring presence of Steve and Teryl Brand, professional biblical counselors from the North River Church of Christ, Atlanta, USA.
While in Accra, Steve and Teryl impacted marriage counselors by organizing an enriching workshop and training on marriage counseling.
With brothers and sisters from Cape Town, Kumasi, Lagos, Abuja and others gathered from Friday 17th November – Sunday 19th November, 2017 being trained on the *Biblical Perspective to Effective Counseling* out of their 35 and 40 years of experience respectively. 
Some of the classes taught at the session:
– The need for counseling
-Fear & Anxiety
– Insecurity
– Symptoms of Clinical Depression
– Pre-Marital Counseling
– Long Term Difficult Marriages
– Empty Nesters
– Trauma
– Culture, 
– Settling conflicts 
There was a combined Worship Service at the Trade-fair Complex in Accra and a message was preached on *Examining Our Faith*
We were finally admonished as from *2 Corinthians 1:4*  to further pass on the comfort we have received onto others. 
We pray for God to continue to work bless our marriages in Africa. Below are some of the pictures from the training program


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