The 2017 ICOC Nigeria Summer Youth Camp

The 2017 ICOC Nigeria Summer Youth Camp

Our theme for this year’s ICOC Youth Camp is titled “REACH” with the goal to help the children cultivate a godly attitude in Reaching up, Reaching in, Reaching within and Reaching out.

The children are undoubtedly having so much fun because this year’s ICOCN youth camp brought in new and exciting programs.

One of the most intriguing aspect of this year’s camp is that we have a lot of younger disciples who were once campers serving as counselors and it’s really exciting to know that our teenagers are exemplifying true service and heart for God.

Another new addition is the introduction of a mini mart that has afforded the children opportunity to choose from variety of goodies and when you see the queue, you will agree that nothing is missed.

Boys 24 challenging girls 1 to flamingo game…Wao! How would this little angels contend with these giants ? But I bet you that tonight the result could be so shocking you realize that indeed the girls won. And what would be the consequence of losing? Would it be tie-in-two, face painting, dinner date, cold water bath or eating without hands…oops! I don’t know but someone’s got to win.

The food is so amazing that almost everyone is asking for a second portion. I love this part!

During interviews, some kids were happy to inform us that the camp has helped them in knowing and learning more about God. The daily devotionals and bible studies are so impacting and they’ve not ceased asking deep spiritual questions.

Today, being the day 4, the worship/singing devotion took place. It was a truly spiritual uplifting moment for everyone in the camp.

Sports completions, talent shows, morning drills and other events are all that part of what is making NEYOCA bubbling.

We will keep you updated as we roll into the last three days of the this years camp.

Too-much-fun… See you!


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