Optimal Mental Health Workshop in Lagos

Optimal Mental Health Workshop in Lagos

The Lagos church was richly blessed in November by the presence of Steve and Teryl Brand, professional biblical counselors from the North River Church of Christ, Atlanta, USA.

While in Lagos, Steve and Teryl impacted disciples by organizing an enriching workshop entitled “Optimal Mental Health”. Topics addressed included:

  • Mental Hygiene for Christians
  • Removing Stigma from Mental Health
  • Depression: The Common Cold of the Brain
  • Overcoming Sleep Disorders
  • Jesus’ Example of an Emotionally Mature Man
  • Conflict and Resolutions – Godly approach to resolving conflicts in marriage 

The Saturday workshop was eagerly anticipated as close to 700 disciples from the Lagos church gathered to participate. It was the first time disciples in this part of the world had the privilege of being educated by professional Christian counselors on trauma and general mental well-being.

In his opening, Steve stated that the goal of the workshop was to inspire the audience to live life to the full as Jesus promised in John 10:10. He explained that depression is a “common cold of the brain” and that great men of God like Jesus, David, Elijah and the apostle Paul experienced tremendous trauma.

Several keys to having optimal mental health were shared, including:

  1. A deep personal relationship with God
  2. Repentance – Acts 3:19 promises a time of refreshing will come 
  3. A balance of grace and truth to avoid the “perfect storm” Ecclesiastes 7:16-18. Steve warned that instead of being self-reliant, one should find a safe person to open up to.

Steve and Teryl also counseled couples, trained leaders and met with the church staff during their trip.

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