MEN’S FORUM HOLDS IN GARDEN CITY as Port Harcourt Church Hosts Men of Honour

MEN’S FORUM HOLDS IN GARDEN CITY as Port Harcourt Church Hosts Men of Honour

Saturday 17th June, 2017 was the day and venue was the worship hall of the Port Harcourt Church. Days and weeks of preparations and sheer determination to call men to God culminated in a day set aside to talk about what it truly means to be a man of honour as far as God is concerned.

With the theme Men of Honour, there could not have been a better time for this eye-opening, thought-provoking and life-transforming event to take place.

The classes started with Doyle Edeni, MD/CEO of Chapters Group of Companies who spoke passionately about being men of honour in business. Doyle shared about how sheer hard work, vision, doggedness, dedication and commitment to some basic business principles (and, of course, his walk with God) stood him out in his business dealings. Next was Segun Odubela a brother and Barrister from the Islands Region of the Lagos Church and a former Commissioner for Education in Ogun State whose job was to open the eyes of the men in attendance to the fact that it is possible to be men of honour in government. His four years of meritorious service as a Commissioner, he told the gathering, earned him the award from the State Governor as the Best Performing Commissioner, an annual award he made his own all through his tenure.  In spite of the challenges associated with working with politicians and civil servants, Odubela never lost his conviction about God and leadership by example. He counseled the men to be bold and confident in drawing the line from the onset about what they stand for if they must be seen as men of honour, adding that this was what helped him earn the respect of his Boss as well as the people of Ogun State.

Okechukwu Emeka the Evangelist who leads the Ikeja-Ketu Region of the Church in Lagos and, by extension, a bloc leader spoke about being men of honour in religion. His approach was direct and blunt as he addressed the hypocrisy and lack of respect for the Word of God we see today among the so-called men of God and in the Christendom at large. The last presentation was made by no less a person than Emmanuel Emeh. He coordinates the Campus Ministry of the Lagos Church and also has some appreciable influence among the Church Campus students in West Africa and the larger part of the African continent. His was titled men of honour on campus. As it is characteristic of him, and through his years of working with and mentoring campus students, he shared with all present the challenges and victories he had seen among the students. He called the attention of the men in the hall to the negative influence the so-called jet age was/is having on the youths. He reminded all that calling the younger ones to the Word of God would help reshape their futures as there is really nothing positive the world we live in has to offer.

The following day was the men’s special thanksgiving. It was Okechukwu Emeka the evangelist from Lagos who delivered the sermon with some of our non-member friends who attended the Men’s Forum also in Church on the day.

It is encouraging to state here that the sixty-five men in the Port Harcourt Church were able to have in attendance over fifty of their friends. Even more encouraging is the fact that at least fifteen of the visitors are presently studying the Bible.

Please let us pray that the Lord touches the hearts of as many of the lost as possible through the Men’s Forum as we faithfully look forward to rejoicing for having more souls added to God’s Church.


Wale Aderibigbe

Port Harcourt




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