ICOC West Africa School of Mission Launched in Lagos

ICOC West Africa School of Mission Launched in Lagos

History was made in the ICOC West African region as the much awaited ICOC West Africa School of Mission was launched in Lagos, Nigeria.

The ICOC School of Mission is a training academy for young, vibrant breed of well-trained leaders in our fellowship which aims to take the mission to a new and even greater height. This school is made possible by the selfless financial support of our sister congregations in the U.S. Funding for the West Africa School of Mission was provided by the Tom Beam Foundation for 20 participants from across six countries in West Africa, and the Mission Point Church in San Antonio, Texas is supporting five Lagos campus interns, with counterpart funding from the Lagos Church of Christ.

ICOC West Africa School of Missions

The Lagos church, in collaboration with all our affiliate congregations in the West Africa family of churches, launched the first batch of a three-year intensive ministry training program with an orientation at the church facility in Otunba Jobi Fele Way, Alausa Ikeja on Tuesday, October 4, 2016.

The 25 students arrived at the venue with so much excitement in anticipation of what lies ahead for the next three years of their lives while in the school. The hall buzzed with a lot of fervor as students gathered from different West African countries: Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The event kicked off at about 11 am with soul-warming praise and worship and an opening prayer by Imagbe Igbinoba, elder in the Lagos church. The master of ceremony of the event, Jide Ojo, evangelist and faculty head/trainer, introduced the students, the head of school, the faculty heads/trainers, the registrar and other dignitaries present.

The school head, Chris Ogbonnaya (lead evangelist of the West African churches) exhorted the students, sharing from Jeremiah 1. He admonished the students that just as God raised Jeremiah to be his spokesman to the people of his generation, God is also looking for men and women whom he would raise to carry out his purpose and mission in this generation. It is in this light that this wonderful opportunity has been presented to all the students present here today. History is being made and they should consider themselves privileged. Working for God is his dream for us, and we should make every effort to buy into this dream.

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Isreal Ereola, the school registrar and also an elder in the Lagos church, presented the school handbooks to the students. The handbook stands as a guideline, codes of ethics and courses in which he urged the students to read carefully before appending their signatures.

Fredrick Georgem an evangelist and faculty head/trainer, introduced the content of the classroom work and the course curriculum to the students. He also charged the students from 1 Timothy 4:16, that this is a school of life and doctrine, and the students will do well to learn so that they can correctly handle the word of truth.

Okechukwu Emeka, an evangelist and faculty head/trainer, gave general information, encouraging the students to maintain good communication skills and for students to stay connected to the church office. Sam Onuoha, the church’s administrator guided the students on how to be financially stable during the course of their education and also took them through some basic budgeting principles.

On Sunday October 9th, the students were presented to the whole Lagos church as prayers were offered by the elders. Classes commenced on Monday, October 10th at the Ikeja church facility.

Let’s continue to pray for all the students and for the success of the Mission School in West Africa. Pray that they will find fuel for their faith and zeal to share it with greater effectiveness

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