ICOC Warri Welcomes Alex Eferakeya to God’s Kingdom

It was another moment of rejoicing and celebration for the Warri Church as Alex Eferakeya gave his life to Christ.

Alex who is a younger brother to a disciple in the Warri church, Desmond Eferakeya, just finished his National Diploma study at the Zamfara State Polytechnic where read Business Administration.

Despite his religious background and an advent believer of various prophetic ‘pastors’ he follows on TV, Alex was still interested to know more about Jesus’s sacrifice for him.

And further studies especially the Holy Spirit study and false teachings convinced him that the only true gospel is found in the bible. He took his Bible studies appointment very seriously and was baptised on the 6th of April, 2016 after the Midweek service in Warri.

Alex is very excited to have found the true gospel and is now bent on helping his friends and family to become saved also.

Please continue to remember him in your prayers as he continues to grow strong in the Lord.

Also lets continue to pray for more hearts to be willing to be transformed by the scriptures in Warri as disciples hit the streets daily.


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