Women Ministry: ICOC Ibadan Women and the Next Generation

The ICOC Ibadan Women Ministry long anticipated event titled Women and the Next Generation commenced exactly at 10.00am on the 5th of March, 2016 with enormous number of visitors who graced the event from all part of the ancient city of Ibadan.

The events which was also graced by various uniformed female students of different colleges across Ibadan was facilitated by the Ibadan Women Ministry Leader, Mrs. Chinyere Ajadi.

In her speech, Mrs. Chinyere Ajadi illustrated the topic with a 400x400m relay race where each athletics at his/her position get ready and set for the coming baton, whereby the effort of the present athletic determine the success level of the receiver of the baton.


She explained the reasons why women are called helpers and what to do as a helper, whether as a teenager or a mother. She also reminded the guests about how they should understand their position as a woman and their unique role in building the next generation.

The event was a great time of learning for the women and their friends where adequate answers were provided for the visitors questions after which there was a break into different session of fellowship.


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