Gospel of Mark Chapter 13: The End of the World?

The book of Mark Chapter 13 was an exciting chapter to teach.

I quite enjoyed teaching it this past week as it provided an excellent pportunity to teach (as least, touch on) knotty issues such as:

1. End of the world

2. The Second Coming

3. End of the Jewish Era

4. The Abomination that causes Desolation.

I have attached my EXTENDED PowerPoint notes here.(Being developing this class for about 10 years) It covers additional topics such as:

6. Tha Mark of the Beast aka “666”

7. The Antichrist.

8. The Second Coming of Christ

9. “Generation” study

10. Rapture

11. Premillennialism

12. A catalogue of failed End-Time predictions, dating from 66AD to 2015AD!

Hope you all find it useful.

Please leave a comment on ways it can be better improved.


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