He designed love equation to read 1+1=1 only in marriage. (1)

The Father, The Son, and The Spirit are in pristine unity. They serve each other, love each other, and honor each other. Though perfect and unsurpassed, they rejoice when one is praised.

This is the nature of d vastness and grandeur of God. He has chosen to let us experience one aspect of it very personally in marriage. Husband and wife two distinct individuals who are

spiritually united into “one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). And “what God has joined together, let man not separate” (Mark 10:9 NIV).

Mystery! Isn’t it?

What would happen in your marriage, husband, if you devoted yourself to loving, honoring, and serving your wife in all things? What if you determined that the preservation of your oneness with this woman was worth every sacrifice? Are u disinterested because most of her body parts are changing with use? You want something fresh and firmer, but because you fear the consequences of marrying a 2nd wife, you lust after younger women and wish you could have them. What if God played the video of your eyes and heart publicly? She now knows your hypocrisy and character baggages so you want to start a fresh relationship that knows nothing about them? What would happen, wife, if you made it your mission to do everything possible to promote togetherness of heart with your husband? What if every threat to your unity was treated as a poison, a cancer, an enemy to be eliminated by the medicines of love, humility, respect, and selflessness? What would your marriage become if you were never again willing to see your oneness torn apart? Good morning.


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