Read this staggering account of an elder statesman in Job 1:13-22

The messenger bursts in without being invited. He’s sobbing. With uncontrollable passion he blurts out, “The oxen … our oxen were ploughing and the donkeys were feeding beside them, and those people from Sheba … they attacked us! We had talked about the possibility of their coming; they’ve done it … they’ve assaulted us, master … and they took those animals, all the animals- and they have cut your servants to pieces. I am the only one who escaped!”

While he was still speaking, another messenger arrived at the scene. Without hesitation he screamed: “There was this bolt of lightning, it was like fire that came down from heaven and in an instant it consumed all of the sheep and all of the field hands who take care of the sheep … and I am the only one who made it out alive!” Another pushes him aside as he grabs Job by his sleeve, “Master, you wouldn’t believe it, but three raids from the Chaldeans have hit that area where we were preparing the camels for the next trip … they have taken all your camels away, and before leaving they murdered every one of your servants. I alone am left.” As Job stumbles to the side to regain his balance, surely he must have thought, at least I have got my kids.” Interrupting that thought, another workman plunges in, fighting back the tears. “Master Job, your sons and your daughters …they are all gone! There was this fierce tornado that swept through the wilderness, throwing wooden carts and animal carcasses into the air, and, Master, it kept coming with this deafening roar, it came right over the house of your oldest son, and the place exploded-and all of your children … were killed.” Breaking news!!

Force yourself to pause and picture the scene. Just imagine. Job lost all of his precious children in a freak storm out of nowhere, for no apparent reason. And for the first time Job and his wife are childless. Furthermore, God provided no explanation. Offered no comfort. The silence of heaven became more devastating than the shocking news on earth. Upon reading the biblical account, when you arrive at the end of that heart-wrenching episode where four trembling messengers have poured out their souls and Job has absorbed the full brunt of their tragic reports, you have to pause and let the grief seep in. Talk about the classic opportunity to allow your emotions to run free-this is it! This is life at its lowest ebb. The only one taking delight in the scene is the supernatural creature who caused it to happen. Satan and his demonic hosts are on’ the edge of their seats in the invisible evil empire, watching anxiously, anticipating the venom that is certain to burst from that father’s lips. “He can’t endure this without cursing his God, spoiled man that he is. We have taken it all, and he’s left with nothing to hold on to. Just wait; we’ll see the real Job now!”

Compare the trouble or hardship or the lack that you have faced before, facing right now, will face in future. Did I hear you say “not my portion” with all your bible verses to support that suffering and pain are not for God’s people. Remember.. Paul’s thorn in the flesh, Timothy’s stomach challenges, Paul’s wrongful imprisonments, his floggings. Did you say Paul was an apostle? How about non-apostle Steven who was stoned for doing nothing wrong. Hardship, heartache and headaches are part of life.

When you loose something precious, what do you think, say and act?

In all things, God works for your good.

It’s a great day!


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