Your Wilderness Experience (2)

By Hubert Eke

Wilderness is God’s training manual for His own. If you belong to Him, expect to go through the wilderness from time to time. God constantly uses the lives of Bible characters to teach us, encourage,  and warn us. We do remember the truths lived out in the lives of David, Job, Esther, Moses, Jonah,  Peter and Paul. I believe that it is impossible to leave truth in the theoretical realm when you see it revealed in the lives of real life men and women. God’s training school is full of lives that inspire and instruct.

See Romans 15:4 “For whatever was written in earlier times was written for OUR instruction, that through perseverance & the encouragement of the scripture we might have hope”.

The reference to earlier times includes all the truths written in the Old Testament. If I understand this scripture well, there are 2 reasons God has allowed us to have the Old  Testament available for study & application.

  1. Present instruction
  2. Learn the truth about him and life so we can be encouraged to persevere in the future (our lives now)

We shall be looking at men and women of God who went through God’s life master class in the old testament starting with Joseph,  then Job, Moses, David and the rest of them.

It’s terrific day. Good morning.


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