Lagos Singles Workshop – Built In Him

Saturday 25th of April, 2015 was another exciting time for all Singles in Lagos as they came together for a Life-Changing Workshop.

The workshop with the theme ‘Built In Him’ was opened by the Singles Coordinator (Mike Olomo) who expressed his joy with the attendance and encouraged the singles to be ready and prepared for inspiring classes from different facilitators that will help transform the singles relationship with God and with one another.

IMG_20150425_160916The first class of the workshop was anchored by John Cawray with the topic God My Father

The class revealed the God we serve. He also analyzed people’s view on the God they serve and who He is to them.

He explained fully well the two (2) attributes of God which he categorized into 2 different groups. That is the Incommunicable and Communicable attributes.

He further explained that the incommunicable attributes are the attributes nobody shared or can share with God and the latter are attributes we share with God.

Incommunicable Attributes Communicable Attributes
Infinity Holiness
Perfection Love
Omnipotence Grace
Omniscience Righteousness
Immutability Faithfulness
Omnipresent Obedience and so on

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He also talked on three ways in which we can relate with God which are Bible Study, Meditation and Prayer.

IMG_20150425_142750Also at the workshop, there were 3 different classes after the first class.

Life and Doctrine for the single brothers anchored by Okechukwu Emeka

Godly and Radiant for the single sisters anchored by Stella Emeka and Together in Him for the dating and engaged brothers and sisters anchored by Jide and Biola Ojo.

After the classes the congregation assembled and sang praises to God, presented gifts to the facilitators, and fellowship continued after the closing prayer.


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