ICOC Ministry Resources

ICOC Ministry Resources

News Website
Disciples Today Portal Official news, links to all other sites www.DisciplesToday.org
ICOC HotNews Unofficial news www.icochotnews.com
ICOC church websites ICOC Directory www.dtodayinfo.net/Dtoday
Books, Videos and Music Website
DT Media Store Including Kingdom Songbook, Kids Curriculum, etc www.dtmediastore.com
Illumination Publishers www.ipibooks.com
SEA Churches Toolbox http://seachurchesmedia.org/seachurches/sermon-archive/toolbox
Good Book Press Tom and Sheila Jones http://www.goodbookpress.com/
ICOC HotNews Resources http://www.icochotresources.com/
Videos Website or Contact
DToday.tv 150 videos from conferences, etc www.DToday.tv
ICOC HotNews 200 news videos www.youtube.com/user/IcocHotNews
ICOC HotNews Toolbox Video training for ministry staff Mike Taliaferro
Events Website or Contact
ICOC Multi-church Events www.dtodayinfo.net/Dtoday/Event
Benevolence Website or Contact
HOPE worldwide Programs in 70 countries www.hopeww.org
Study Series
Journey Study Series http://www.chicagochurch.org/resources/resource-group/study-series
Conversion Studies http://nvcoc.org/resources/sermons/
Making Disciples Series http://www.getgroundedforlife.com/index.php/resources/word/making-disciples
Guard the Gospel http://www.hamptonroadschurch.com/seeking-god-and-word-studies
Foundations of Faith http://www.miamidadechurch.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Foundations-of-Faith.pdf
First Principles App First Principles App
Disciple Makers http://www.cwacademy.net/disciplemakers
Studying the Bible with Teenagers http://www.getgroundedforlife.com/index.php/resources/ministry/youth-family/teen-bible-studies
New Christian Material
Crossbearers http://www.hamptonroadschurch.com/new-christians-studies
Thirty Days at the Foot of the Cross http://www.dtmediastore.com/ProductDetail/tabid/134/rvdsfpid/870/Default.aspx
Foundations: Life in the Kingdom http://getgroundedforlife.com/index.php/store
Values & Habits of Spiritual Growth http://www.dtmediastore.com/ProductDetail/tabid/134/rvdsfpid/557/Default.aspx
Specialty Ministries
DT Counselor Connect http://dtcounselorconnect.com/
Biblical Counseling Services http://seachurchesmedia.org/seachurches/biblical-counselling-services
DT Heart & Soul http://dtheartandsoul.com/
Women Today http://www.disciplestoday.org/women-today
Strength in Weakness http://www.strengthinweakness.org/
Chemical Recovery http://www.chemicalrecovery.org
Deaf Ministry http://dmicoc.org/
Cedars Ministry http://cedarsweb.org/
Campus Ministry http://icoccampus.org
Singles Ministry http://www.disciplestoday.org/ministries/singles
Man UP! http://www.disciplestoday.org/ministries/man-up
ICOC Families http://icocfamilies.org
ICOC Leadership http://icoc.org
Kids Kingdom http://disciplestoday.org/ministries/kids
Welcome Center http://www.disciplestoday.org/welcome#.U-TdGFbRjt4
Testimonials http://disciplestoday.org/meet-our-people
Steps of the Apostles http://disciplestoday.org/dt-travel
Worship www.lifechangingworship.com
Monday Morning Music http://jbriancraig.wordpress.com/
The Swamp Camp www.campswamp.com
In Motion Recovery www.inmotioncounseling.org
Speaker Workshops Offered Website Email Related Material
Anton Ed Repentance www.hamptonroadschurch.org Email Repentance: A Cosmic Shift of Mind and Heart
Ashley Will Chemical Recovery Email
Berndt Guy and Loretta Marriage and Family www.meant2betogether.com Email I Choose Us, Good Enough Parenting
Brumley Linda Forgiveness Email Hand in Hand With God
Eastman Dave Worship www.lifechangingworship.com Email I Choose Us, Good Enough Parenting
Felushko Brian and Sara Grief and Loss http://init4life.ca/ Email caringresources.com
*Ferguson Gordon Romans: The Heart Set Free www.gordonferguson.org Email Romans: The Heart Set Free
Revelation Revealed Revelation Revealed
Leadership: Principles, Roles and Relationships Dynamic Leadership
Discipleship: Our Commitment to God and to One Another
Hammond Guy Same-Sex Attraction & Redemption www.strengthinweakness.org Email Caring Beyond the Margins
*Harris Joey The Greatest Commandment: Learning How to Love Like Jesus www.athensinstitute.org Email
How to Read the Bible: Learning How to Understand God’s Word
Who Is My Brother: How to Have Unity Within Your Congregation
Abraham: Father of Faith
*Jacoby Douglas From Facts to Faith www.douglasjacoby.com Email From Facts to Faith
The Mystery of Church History
Authentic Faith: Drawing Near to God through the Psalms Thrive: Using Psalms to Help You Flourish
Going Deeper: Getting the Big Pic­ture of Scripture See website and DT Media Store
Jacoby Vicki Ruth The Story of Ruth for Every Woman
*Kinnard Steve Jesus www.stevekinnard.com Email King Jesus
Spiritual Personal Development Like a Tree Planted by Streams
Spiritual Formation & The Spiritual Disciples The Way of the Heart
Basics in Bible Study Getting the Most From the Bible
Laing Sam and Geri Parenting Email Raising Awesome Kids in Troubled Times (Spanish also)
Understanding Ourselves and Each Other: Marriage and Parenting Using the 4 Temperaments
Laing Sam Spiritual Manhood Email Mighty Man of God
Spiritual Growth Be Still My Soul
Grace The Guilty Soul’s Guide to Grace
Laing Geri Spiritual Womanhood Email A Life Worth Living
Lamb Roger Steps of the Apostles Tour DToday Travel Email
Lamb Roger and Marcia Grace and Truth in Marriage Email This Doesn’t Feel Like Love
Grace and Truth in Parenting This Doesn’t Feel Like Love
Perseverance: Inseparable Love This Doesn’t Feel Like Love
Lefler Virginia Gentle & Quiet Bootcamp Email A Gentle and Quiet Spirit(Spanish also)
Pure Beauty Email Pursuing Purity and Spiritual Beauty
Louis John and Karen Marriage: I Choose Us www.seachurchesmedia.org Email I Choose Us
Parenting: Good Enough Parenting www.seachurchesmedia.org Email Good Enough Parenting
McKean Kay Genesis and Women Email Our Beginning: Genesis Through the Eyes of a Woman
Oakes John Christian Evidences www.evidenceforchristianity.org Email Reasons for Belief
Biblical Studies
Pocta Dave and Beth Building a Spiritual Family www.getgroundedforlife.com Email Grounded: Parenting
Family Communication
Families and Technology
Teaching (Biblical Interpretation, Preaching, OT etc.)
Sharma Sajjan Pornography and Purity Email
Shaw Wyndham and Jeanie Reaching the Hearts of Our Children (Parenting) Email
Shaw Wyndham Elder and Eldership Development Email
Shaw Jeanie Loss, Shame, Identity, Trust www.jeaniesjourneys.com Email Understanding Goose: For Anyone Who Feels Different…
Women’s Value and Purpose Prime Rib: Exploring a Wom­an’s Value and Purpose
Applying Scripture to Real Life My Morning Cup, There’s a Turkey At Your Door
Spiritual Leadership for Women Spiritual Leadership for Women
Staten Steve Transforming Conflict: In the Home, Church and Workplace www.stephenfstaten.com Email
Peacemakers, Bridgebuilders and Healers: Mediation Training
It’s Better Than I Thought: Marriage Retreat
Turning Points: Church History Made Simple
Sumerlin Dr. Tim In Motion (Counseling & Recovery speaker) www.inmotioncounseling.org Email
Weidner David and Robin Building a Pure Marriage Email Building a Pure Marriage
Weidner David Pure in Heart Email Pure in Heart
Weidner Robin Secure in Heart: Overcoming Insecu­rity in a Woman’s Life www.robinweidner.com Email Secure in Heart (also in Spanish)
Eve’s Song: One Woman’s Story, Every Woman’s Journey Eve’s Song
* Available for many additional workshops
Mission Societies Website Contact
Africa Missions Association Mike Taliaferro
Asia Pacific Missions Foundation Dave Kim
Baltic Nordic Missions Alliance Reese Neyland
China Missions Council Jeff Wong
Disciple Adventures http://www.discipleadventures.net
Eurasia Missions Society http://www.eurasianmissions.org/ Andy Fleming
Florida Missions Council JP Tynes
International Missions Society http://missionssociety.org Valdur Koha
Mexico and Central America Missions http://mcamissions.org/wordpress/ Jamie DeAnda
Middle East World Sector Mike Rock
South Asian Missions Society Ruben Marbury
Southeast Asia Missions http://seachurchesmedia.org/ John Louis
Southeast Missions Association Steve Brown
South Pacific Association Mike Vassallo
Teaching & Training Schools
Commonwealth Academy www.cwacademy.net
Euopean Bible School www.europeanbibleschool.org
Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology http://rmsmt.org/
Athens Institute of Ministry http://www.athensinstitute.org/
Miami School of Missions http://miamischoolofmissions.com/ John Porter
Asia Pacific Leadership Academy http://apla-online.org/pages/ Koko Enrile
New England School of Missions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.” target=”_blank”>Doug Arthur
South Pacific Mike Fontenot
Bangalore Dinesh George
Johannesburg Dave Pocta
Nairobi Dave Pocta
UK/Ireland/Nordic School of Missions http://www.schoolofmissions.org.uk/ Malcolm Cox

Something missing? Please send updates on your workshops, teaching and training schools, mission societies and other resources to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”>content@dtoday.net.


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