On Sunday, January 18, 2015, the Women of Ibadan decided to humbly intervene on behalf of our dear country with a call to repentance at the fore front.

Inspired by the Women ministry leader, Chinyere Ajadi, she challenged the women to open their eyes to see the extent of decadence, rise  above ignorance, indifference and disinterestedness in the Nigerian political sphere and to fight alongside their spouses in prayers for our leaders to save our country.

”In Nigeria, it is prayer everywhere: Prayers accompanied with fasting, acrobatics, gymnastics, incantations, decrees and invocations in every available spaces, churches, the forests, mountains, valleys, rivers, beaches and even trees. On the flip side, Nigeria offers a parallel antithesis: terrorism, suicide bombing, armed robbery, ritual killings, kidnapping, injustice, poverty, sickness, unemployment, pollution, etc. A distressing questions that float above all of the religiosity is: do we really seek God’s intervention?”


Chinyere Ajadi’s call to prayer was indeed a critical eye-opener that reignited national unity, a deeper sense of patriotism. For the women prayer warriors, it was an emotionally charged atmosphere in worship and intercession. The experience was indeed quite refreshing.


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