Enriching Weekend Getaway For Ojo-Apapa Marrieds

2014 Ojo-Apapa Marrieds Retreat


Proverbs 25:4 says; “Remove impurities from the silver, and a vessel will be produced for a silversmith.”


Such was the transformation of our marriages as twenty couples of the Married Ministry in the Ojo -Apapa Region, Lagos converged in the ancient town of Badagry at the Next Level Hotel, for a weekend retreat program titled: “Radiant Marriage.”


It certainly had been about a year since we had a Marriage enriching program, so, participants were in eager expectations of this weekend getaway program. As we arrived the newly constructed Hotel on the night of Friday 31st October, 2014 we were welcomed to an inspiring devotional led by the Regional Leader, Evangelist Jide Ojo. He took his text from Ephesians 5 and he reminded us of the relationship between Jesus and the Church and the sacrifices our Lord Jesus made towards making the Church radiant. As husbands and wives, he challenged us to follow the examples of Christ in making our marriages radiant.


The second day started with an early morning aerobics session which was a tonic for mind, body and soul. The spiritual menu of the day began with a class titled: “Unless God Builds Your Marriage” taught by Mr. Israel Ereola, an Elder. Taking his opening text from Psalm 127 he posited that “If your marriage is not consulting the Bible, then you are not building right.”


Next was the class taught by Jide and Biola Ojo on “The Expectations of a godly Wife/Husband.” Taking his opening text from Genesis 2:18 he pointed out that Adam without Eve was functionally inadequate. Hence God saw the need to fill the gap in his life by creating Eve. He surmised therefore that the fundamental to a husband and wife relationship is to meet each other’s needs. Both of them were able to detail the day to day needs/expectations of the man and the woman in marriage, and how by sacrificing to meet these qualities will make their marriage radiant.



These classes were deeply inspiring and life-changing. The evening program was equally exciting with a get-together for couples and barbeque was served, followed by a movie show titled; “A Good Husband is Hard to Find.”


Sunday’s highlight was a Church service with the I.C.O.C. congregation in the town. The sermon titled; “Radiant Marriage, Radiant Church,” was delivered by Evangelist Frank Okodugha who called everyone seeking fulfillment in marriage and a happy Church to take after biblical pattern which never fails.


Everyone who attended was full of praise to the Almighty God for the transforming experience of this retreat.


Frank Okodugha.


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