BACK TO LIFE! A 40 – Day Bible Study Guide for Spiritual Growth

About This Book
This is a 40-day daily Bible study guide that is designed to stimulate and refocus our members to the faith we profess. It is a tool for individuals and small groups in our Church to reevaluate and restore their walk with God in the various areas discussed. It contains daily personal quiet time guides and also great discussion and devotional insights.

It is a glorious beginning because we are witnessing a brand new year. Therefore as we go into another year and milestone in our lives, we pray for a 2012 that will see us attain a new level in our walk with/devotion to God.
We praise God for our church family. We have borne together; suffered and rejoiced together; praised and worshipped God together; laughed and cried together; and, by God’s grace we have made it this far in Christ together.
This 40 day study series is a call for us to study God’s word together as well as to pray, fast and deepen our commitment to God together. Do not be left out.
“Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees. Make level paths for your feet.” (Hebrews 12:12-13). Let us walk this 40-day road back to life together.
Leave behind the sins of apathy, laziness and lack of commitment. Forgive the hurts of 2011 and reconcile with your brother/sister. Attend Sunday and midweek services regularly. Give of yourself by serving in the Kids kingdom, choir, cleaning, ushering, security, finance or any other department. Give financially also, and do it cheerfully believing that you can never out give God. Rededicate yourself to reaching out to the poor and the lost.
Let us make this a resurrection of commitment, courage, zeal and love. Let us pray for each other and encourage each other. Let us leave the past behind and strain forward on the road back to life. Remain blessed. Click on the link below to download


I.C.O.C., Nigeria Staff and Church Leaders.


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