2014 West Africa Singles Conference, Liberia – Called to be Different

10507091_10202219043933671_5771502077290177406_o The 2014 West Africa Singles Conference was recently concluded in Monrovia, Liberia and featured delegates from Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Jamaica. Day One. Thursday Night IMG-20140718-WA000 It all started around 6:00pm with an opening ceremony at the church facility in Monrovia as the dance troops of the Monrovia Church entertained the delegates with traditional dance steps. Thereafter, the Singles Ministry Coordinator in Monrovia Church, Willis Knuckles the 3rd, as he is fondly called, gave an introductory message titled “CALLED TO BE DIFFERENT” the class was quite inspiring. He explained how we need to exercise our faith, Hope and Love on a new different level, because we are called to be different. 10511527_10202230841548604_4549845865502143999_o The fellowship was great that night. Shortly after, we boarded a waiting bus for a trip to the Booker Washington Institute (BWI) in Kakata, few miles away from Monrovia.   Day Two The morning started out with worship and a short inspiring sharing on “personal prayer life” by Lola Olorunda from Lagos. Lola inspired the gathering on the beautiful effect her faith and prayer life has had on her. IMG-20140718-WA004 Shortly after, Mike and Chinwe Olomo taught one of the main classes for that day titled” Undivided devotion” with the main text from Deut 6:1-14. They explained the importance of being devoted to God with three insightful pointers: 1) God is one 2) The word everywhere 3) When God blesses you. 10505209_10202214127610766_5315199240509230729_o   The second class was taught by Fulbert & Huguette Sinemeho, the Singles Ministry leaders from Cote d’ivore, titled “absolute purity”. They encouraged the singles on the need to live a pure life, and how difficult it is to see God without purity. IMG-20140721-WA015 There were other split classes taught by different singles for that day. “Raising Awesome Kids” by Thomas Akoi & Felicia Harmon (Liberia) and “Watch your life” by Robert Akapo & Elizabeth Crawford (Ghana). The evening was lighted up with exciting camp fire, where they drank, danced, shared, took pictures and sang.   Day Three The 3rd day started out with sport activities, classes taught by different visiting singles, that encouraged, convicted and challenged fellow singles on life and spirituality. Classes taught includes “perseverance in social hardships”, “personal finance” and “knock and it shall be opened”. The day continued with journey back to Monrovia from Kakata. In Monrovia, delegates were ushered into the Prestigious Golden Gate Hotel main hall, were Anthony and Betty Flahn taught a combined class on “Life to the full”. That day was capped with a dinner ball, as Singles fellowship, laughed and took several pictures as the fellowship became electrifying. 10497490_10202230922630631_6589081012637682683_o   10535761_10202230844868687_5584227787768549671_o Final Day Edmond Goly, the Church leader preached on the conference the theme “Called to be Different” He called the Singles to live a life measuring up to the life God called them out for and encouraged them to be different and stand up for God. IMG-20140721-WA017 During the announcement, Fulbert Sinemeho from Abidjan, was asked to give a vote of thanks, while Mike Olomo was called up thereafter to give a brief history on the singles conference. Accra, Ghana was announced as the next host nation in 2016. The traditional flag of Liberia was handed over to Ghanaian delegates. Fellowship was great after the service. The congregation were super excited to see such a large number of delegates come visit them. 10275510_10202218917450509_1047714513891622383_o   This experience has indeed inspired and up lifted the heart and spirit of all the Liberian brothers and sisters. IMG-20140721-WA013 The following day, many people departed with great memories of great fellowship and the heart of the hospitable disciples in Monrovia, Liberia.   Micheal Olomo.


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