Now or Never: New ICOC HotNews short film

NOW OR NEVEREveryday we have opportunities to share the gospel with those around us. This powerful video inspires and motivates us to speak up for Jesus.

“It brought me to tears.”  Shawn Wooten, Kiev, Ukraine
“It brought shivers up my arms and tears to my eyes. Very inspiring, provocative, and motivational. I look forward to showing it throughout our church. Thank you!” John Lusk, Denver, USA
“Brilliantly done.”  John Louis, Singapore
“I LOVE IT!!! Awesome creativity and editing! Clear Simple Powerful.”  Marty Wilkinson, College Station, Texas, USA
“Amazing.”  Kevin Miller, Boston, USA
“I can’t wait to show it to our region.”  Steve Stevenson, New York, USA

You can preview and download “Now or Never” at



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