2014 Lagos/Ibadan Congregational Teaching Week with Dr. Steve Kinnard

SAM_0108This past week, the Lagos church was privileged to host our dear brother, Dr. Steve Kinnard, a teacher and evangelist with the New York City Church of Christ, in church-wide inspiration congregational teachings.

The week-long congregational teaching aimed in helping disciples understand and deepen spiritual convictions started last weekend as Dr. Kinnard taught more than 1,000 people on ‘King Jesus’: A Survey of the life, Ministry and Teachings of Jesus the Messiah.

The five lessoned sermon, most of which focused on Christ’s character, attitude and examples from the gospels, encouraged disciples to be imitators of Christ everyday and learn to focus on the things that Jesus focused on.  In calling disciples to love like Jesus loved (Matthew 22:34), Dr. Kinnard said that loving God and our neighbors should go hand in hand.  Concluding he gave insight on the four major areas we need to express our love for God.

  1. Love God with your heart (Emotions)
  2. Love God with your soul (Personality, everything…)
  3. Love God with your mind (Thoughts, intellects…)
  4. Love God with your strength (Stature, physical make-up, drive, ambitions)

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