Achieving A Mature And God- Fearing Church

Towards achieving a mature and God- fearing church. The calabar church
organized a training for all disciplers. It was a very refreshing time
of learning and asking of questions. The first class was taught by our
brother Olumide Olayiwola. He spoke on the need for follow- up. He
used Isaiah 56 vs 10 -12 which talks about the need for disciplers to
be knowledgeable, speak out and not indulge whoever they disciple in
sin, need to be sensitive. He talked about the need to be humble as
disciplers and to visit their discipling partners at home.Also to
communicate through phones and other means.

The second class was taught by the church leader on the need for a
shepherd heart. He stressed the important of being a shepherd over
just being a leader. Everybody realized the need to care, nurture,
guide, provide for those they disciple. The following scriptures were
considered : JOHN 12: 15-17,ACTS 20:28,PROVERBS 27: 23,JOHN 10:2-4,1
PETER 5:2 – 4.
The disciplers were charged on feeding themselves first through having
qualities quiet times in order to be able to feed others.

This training will be coming up once every quarter. Keep praying for
us as we build a spiritually strong church.



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